Do you just photograph in the North-West?

Not at all! We are destination photographers, therefore we can travel to you! Contact us for a travel quote if you live outside the UK We have worked all over the UK and have even been as far as Miami for that special day. 

How long do you photograph for at weddings?

We arrive about 1.5 hrs before your ceremony then we stay until about 15 mins after your first dance, covering the whole day from 2 perspectives and we will always get a few dance floor party pics before we leave. We do also have the option of adding an extra hour in the evening to capture the partying! 

What is your wedding photography style?

We are very documentary in our approach. By this we mean we don't force things to happen, and there will be no standing there saying 'Cheese'. We'd rather capture the day as it naturally unfolds. By having 2 photographers present it allows us to capture the laughter and the tears without being too obtrusive to you or your guests.  

Are there always 2 photographers for Weddings?

Yes! We believe that by having 2 photographers present for your day, we will capture so much more than a single photographer would be able to. Having 1 photographer focus on you guys, and 1 photographer focusing on your guests and their reactions means you don't miss a beat!

Matt & Sabina own and manage Rustic Lovebirds and we guarantee that your wedding will be covered by at least 1 of them, alongside each other, or with 1 of our small team of professional freelance photographers that we know and trust to provide the very best images! 

How long does it take for us to receive our wedding photos?

We aim for around 6 weeks from the date of your wedding. Although we know you will be counting down the days to relive your day, we like to ensure that your images are put through a strict editing process, ensuring that each image is edited to the very highest of standards. Therefore in peak season please bear with us - it will be worth the wait! 

Are you insured?

Yes. All photographers are fully insured with both indemnity and public liability insurance.

What happens if your camera breaks?

Don't worry. We have back up! Although it would be incredibly rare for any of our equipment to break on us during a shoot, if that did happen we have back up cameras ready to take over! All of our equipment is designed for professional photographers and are regularly serviced. Generally we will bring around 5 cameras, 8 lenses and a whole host of memory cards to your weddings to ensure we have our backs covered. 

We hate having our photograph taken! 

Fear not. So many couples who book in with us are in the same boat. It's not every day you get 2 professional photographers for the day so we can appreciate this may seem quite daunting. We will discuss any concerns with you prior to the wedding and will show you examples of pictures we could do for you if you are not comfortable being photographed. We can keep it as natural as you like and we can go easy on the portraits if that's your preference.

A lot of couples find that our pre wedding photo shoots really puts them at ease and makes you realise that we aren't that scary! It also helps you to know what kind of angles and styles you may or may not like and you will get to know your photographers before your wedding so that we are not complete strangers on the day! 

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