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2016 ended in the best possible way!

2016. It was a weird year really. There were ups and there were definitely downs. Personally for Rustic, it was a big almighty UP, with more bookings, more connections and more creativity than any other year. Out there in the great wide world it wasn't so great at times.. music and film icons departing this world (including some of our absolute faves; 'Blackstar' is still being constantly played and is in fact a PERFECT album to edit to). Of course politically it was a year that will be well remembered.. not necassarily for the best of reasons.. But we won't get into that here..

BUT just as we were getting over the news of another legend leaving us (one of Matt & Sabs favourites and a regular feature of our long haul wedding road trips.. the amazing George Michael) we had the best news ever to end the year..

Born on New Years Eve we welcomed to the world little Emilia Rose Fower - Neice to Matt and his first time being 'Cool Uncle Matt' - Can you refer to yourself as cool? No probably not.. Anyway, she is a little beaut! I couldn't wait to get over to see her and take some snaps in the first few days.. she was just so tiny! Check out the pictures below to see the results. I'm sure there will be many more photoshoots to come involving this little model xx

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