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Essential Wedding Day Photography Advice Brides HAVE to know!

After all those months of planning.. the day is nearly upon us! To all our wonderful couples, as the Summer wedding season is in full swing we though we would hand out some wise words of advice to help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible and help you prepare for your photographs on the big day.

We can’t wait to document your day and we always strive to get the best images possible. With years of experience behind us, we want to share just a few tips to ensure you get the best photos possible from the moment you wake up right through to first dance. So! lets start at the very beginning...


Wherever you are getting ready, at home or at the venue, try and ensure the room where we will be taking pictures is as clutter free as possible. We’re not expecting it to be tidy, but less is more when it comes to photographing those gorgeous prep shots. So where possible, make sure your bridesmaids tidy up after themselves!

We love natural light and it makes skin, hair and the all important dress look amazing, so where possible open curtains and if you do have a choice, choose a room that has the most natural light. If you can arrange to be facing the window for your hair & makeup then you will get the most natural and flattering photographs.

Try and ensure your dress is on 30 mins before the photographer is due to leave. This allows time for some lovely portraits. Take note: It always takes longer than you think to get the dress on, and remember the photographer will be leaving before you do.


Please check that photography is allowed during your ceremony. Whether you are in a church or another venue the photographer can often be restricted, so please check with your ceremonialist. There will be no staged shots during the ceremony and we will be as discreet as possible, this often means we are in one place.

One of the greatest advantages of having 2 of us photographing your wedding is that you will have one of us at the front capturing your expressions and one at the back getting your guest reactions.

We want to give you the shots you want, but it’s important for your own peace of mind to have realistic expectations in advance. When entering/leaving the ceremony remember, to look up towards the camera so we can get a few sneaky snaps.


It may be worth checking in advance if you are doing a guest greeting line, if not often it can sporadically happen when leaving the church. This can leave people queuing to get out for a long period of time. Ensure you move away from the front doors; that way everyone can exit and mingle whilst we set up for your confetti shot. You will get great documentary shots of your guests at this point so it is a great chance to have a breather and let it sink in that you just got married!!


Ensure all guests know if you are intending to do a confetti shot. Many guests forget to bring confetti to the ceremony so it is wise to provide some for them, especially if you are restricted by the church/venue with what kind of confetti you are allowed to use.

Churches often have restrictions about about where throwing confetti can happen, so please check with them beforehand. The more confetti, the more dramatic the images. We will help set up and get some amazing confetti images for you; remember where possible to look up and not at the ground!


We provide you with a checklist before the day so we already know where, when and who you would like photographed, we also do a rainy day contingency too. So lets make it fun and not too longwinded for your guests. If you could nominate someone who knows your wedding party to assist us, it will make our lives much easier! (generally a big mouth!) And it speeds things up for you which means you can get back to the bar and enjoying the fun!

Decide beforehand if you are having them formal or informal (drinks/sunglasses) and let us know! Sometimes the informal ones are great for your ushers and bridesmaids!


Don't get hung up on the pressure of being photographed; some couples have told us before how nervous they were - we are so relaxed! We will bring a visual board to help you and we generally keep it as natural as possible, playing with light and the surrounding landscapes.


If you are feeling nervous about being photographed then we would advise having a pre-wedding photoshoot with us. From past experience and feedback from many couples it has helped them relax and realise that its all about having fun!


If possible, try and have the cake positioned either centrally in the room or in an area with some ambient lighting. It will result in far more natural images than if the cake is left in a dark corner. We may do a staged cake shot before the knife makes the cut!


If you think of photographs that you haven't put on the checklist, don’t be afraid to ask. You may not realise until the day about a certain group image you want. Let us know and we’ll capture it. We may come and grab you later in the day as the sun is setting to get a portrait in that lovely light.


This is the big moment! If you are planning a fast first dance - or perhaps you have choreographed a dance, make sure to let us know in advance so we can prepare for it. We have photographed a flash mob to a zumba class as a first dance so we are always up to capture what is going on!


Are you doing anything that the guests don’t know about? It would be great to let us know in advance so we can make sure we are there to capture it. From an owl swooping down with the rings, surprise boat trips to unusual ceremonial rituals! We will be there to capture it all.


This is your day. Enjoy it and make the most of it, even if every detail doesn't quite go to plan. The best images come when we naturally capture the fun and atmosphere.

Have you any tips or advice for our budding Brides and Grooms? Feel free to leave a little advice below!

Matt & Sabina

RusticLovebirds Photography

Lots of thanks to our couples featured in the blog and all their suppliers.

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